About Us

Gain Market Access for Your Medical & In Vitro Diagnostic Devices in China, U.S. and EU 

GeBiao is a leading Medical Device and IVD compliance consulting firm providing valued product regulatory compliance services and tailored solutions to help our clients gain competitive advantage by reducing business risks associations with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.

With our headquarter based in Shanghai of China and offices located in US and UK, GeBiao utilizes the technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services, such as registration services, testing, clinical trial, agent, regulatory update monitoring and training service for Medical Device & IVD products.


We are dedicated to providing valued medical device and IVD compliance services, regulatory and quality solutions to help our clients gain competitive advantages by reducing business risks associated with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry.

Value & Culture

  • ž  Commitment & Constant Improvement;

  • ž  Professionalism & Excellence;

  • ž  Efficiency, Timeliness & Responsiveness;

  • ž  Problem-solving Capability;

  • ž  Client Satisfaction.


We understand the importance of achieving regulatory compliance& protecting business interest. We keep this in our mind all the time when helping our client reduce business risks and gain market advantage.

History and Achievements

  • ž  2010, GeBiao started offering Medical Device and IVD compliance services in China, the United States, EU, Canada,Australia etc.;

  • ž  2012, GeBiao started offering food and cosmetics registration services for the United States and EU market;

  • ž  Successful approvals exceed 1000 cases;

  • ž  Medical Device (MD): Cardiovascular Access, Infusion Management, Dental Care, Airway Management, Neurosurgery, Temperature Management, Haemodialysis and Assisted Reproduction etc.;

  • ž   In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD): Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular and Blood Coagulation etc.


Our Consultants are creative enough to be able to solve all kinds of complex issues very quickly and reduce costs. We keep our clients’ interests in mind and think for you in advance by providing tailored and innovative solutions through our scientific knowledge and teamwork.

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